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Version 4.7

Supports Modern Backgammon

Version 4.6

  • It is compatible with the iOS 4.6 version
  • Online tournament game (Play Portes, Plakoto and Fevga, wining score is set to 3)
  • Report a player when (s)he abandons / quits an online game
  • Fixes a bug in the Fevga game
  • Fixes reported crashes

Version 4.5

  • It is compatible with the iOS 4.5 version
  • Watch a live game (Tap on the "Playing now" button)
  • Bet while watching a live game
  • Watch a game in replay (Go to Stats screen)
  • Fixed a bug in the Fevga game that could a player to completely block the opponent
  • Play a game either with ads or with coins. Online games are always with coins
  • Fixed a couple of issues in the online game mode
  • Fixed several memory issues that could cause the app to crash

Version 4.4

  • It is compatible with the iOS 4.4 version
  • Modified the Fevga game code so that a specific move is possible
  • Fixed a couple of issues in the online game mode

Version 4.1

  • New code for online game
  • Play all games online
  • Better A.I. for Portes and Plakoto games

Version 3.8

Seven games were added:

  • Gul bara
  • Acey-Deucey (American)
  • Acey-Deucey (European)
  • Nackgammon
  • Gioul
  • Tawla 31
  • Moultezim

Version 3.7

This version has a new, easy to navigate, interface.

Version 3.6

This version offers two methods to earn virtual coins:
1) You are rewarded 10 coins when you promote the application. Tap on the button to create the link to email or post it on your Facebook account. When a user taps on that link and installs the application, you will earn 10 coins
2) You are rewarded 2 coins when you play an online game

Version 3.5

This version has a better A.I. for the games Portes (Backgammon) and Plakoto (Blockgammon)

This version is also available for BlackBerry devices. Currently, the Bluetooth is not supported on the BlacBerry devices

Version 3.4

The popular iOS game is now available on the Android. You may download it from Google Play

Starting with version 3.4, the Android version and the iOS version offer exactly the same features!!

  • You can view all your online Facebook friends, and invite them to play any game
  • You can play any game over bluetooth
  • You can use the virtual coins to rent a game or remove the ads
  • You can purchase a game and remove the ads during the game

We are looking forward to your suggestions or even bug reports.

Enjoy the game!!

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