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Starting with version 3.3, in iOS (and version 3.2 in Android), you can play a game against your Facebook (FB) friends. Firstly, you need to go to the Settings screen and tap on the "Login to Facebook" button. This is a prerequired step not only to invite your FB friend to a game, but also to be invited by your FB friend. If you want your FB friends to invite you to a game, you need to install the iOS (or Android) version of the Facebook application. Please, be sure to install the one developed by Facebook. Finally, you need to enable the online game (this is available in the Settings screen). If you do not enable it, then you can not play an online game nor you can invite your FB friends, and you can not be invited to play a game against your FB friend. Nonetheless, the app will automatically turn the online game on when you accept an invitation for a game from you FB friend.

You can see the list of your FB friends in the screen of Online players. There, you see three (two in the Android version) tabs: "All", "Buddies", and "Facebook". As you already know, if you tap on the first tab you see a list of the players who are currently online, if you tap on the second tab, you see the list of your buddies, and finally on the third tab you see the list of your FB friends.

You can reload it but tapping on the "Refresh" button. In the iOS version you can use the searchbar to search for your FB friends.

Your friends on the list are sorted alphabetically, but most importantly, you will see only your friends who are online.

How to invite your friend to play a game

The most important thing that you need to rememeber is that can play ALL GAMES with your FB friends. Once you find your friend, tap on him/her and select the game that you wish to play with him/her. A new window will pop up which shows the invitation message that your friend will receive. Tap on the "Send" button and then wait. In contrast to the case where you invite a player to play an online game, in the case of your FB friend everything is done asynchronously. While you are waiting, you can play a local game or you can even start an online game. It is not wise, however, to accept the invitation from your FB friend while you are playing an online game, because, you will lose the online game.

If your friend wishes to play the selected game with you, you will see a message similar to the one when you are invited by an online player. If you accept that invitation, then the game starts, and the procedure is exactly the same as when you play an online game. Please, note, that as with the online game, you can place a bet, and resign the game.

How to accept an invitation from a FB friend

Firstly you need to have the iOS (or Android) version of the Facebook application installed. You may not have the iTavli application installed.When your friend sends you an invitation for a game, you will see a notification on your screen. Tap on that notification, and you will be directed to the FB application. Tap on the invitation and the iTavli application will open. If it is not installed you will be directed to the AppStore (or Google Play) to install it

If the iTavli application was not installed, then after you install it you need to go to the Settings and tap on the "Login to Facebook" button. It is also usefull to enable the online game. Then, go back to the Facebook application and tap again on the invitation.

If you have the iTavli application installed, then when you tap on the invitation you go to the iTavli app and you see a message asking you if you wish to play a game against your Friend. If you choose "Yes", then the app will invite back your friend, and the procedure is similar to the one for playing an online game.

Enjoy the game!

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