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The word "Fevga" means to run

Initially all the chips occupy a single space. The base areas are positioned diagonally opposite and so are the collecting areas.

Now, you can move your chips to an empty space or to a friendly occupied space. You are not allowed to hit your opponent.

You start the game by moving only one chip. Once that chip is in your opponent's base area (or in your collecting area) you may move the other chips.

You must not occupy all the spaces in your base area. You need to leave one space empty (whichever space you prefer). Actually, the present algorithm will not allow you to do this.

Although you can not hit your opponent's chip, you can block them by occupying the 6 spaces that are next to your opponent's chips. In the case where you have blocked all your opponent's chips, you need to move one of your chips to let your opponent move. Again, it is up to you to choose whichever chip you want.


This is how the chips are laid out on the board. Both colored chips move in a counter-clockwise direction.

Since both players do not have a chip in their opponent's base area, they can move only one chip. Thus, the red player will move the chip which is on the 6th space, and the blue player will move the chip which is on the 6th space.

The blue player has managed to block all of the red player's chip in the base. This is definetely a very good start, and it looks like that the blue player will win this game

Now, all the red player's chip are blocked. The blue player must open a space to let the opponent move the chips.

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