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General Information

The objective of each game is to transfer the chips (or checkers) from the base area to the collecting area. Once, all the checkers are in the collecting area you start to collect them. The player who collects all the chips first is the winner of the game.

Each game has different rules that the players need to follow. These rules allows the player to move the chips forward, block the opponent's chips or even hit the opponent's chips. (Please, visit the section "How to Play" to learn more).

When you do not play a tournament, the player who wins the game earns one point. When you start a tournament the winner may earn more than one point. if (s)he collects all the chips before the opponent has collected at least one chip. Thus, a tournament with a winning score of 3 may finish with less than three games.


  • Play game over the network
  • Play game over via the Bluetooth device (not supported on BlackBerry devices)
  • Connect to Facebook, and invite your Facebook friends to play a game
  • Use virtual coins to:
    • Rent a game
    • Bet during an online game
  • Chat during an online game
  • Play single game or tournament
  • Play a local game against the A.I or your friend
  • Watch a live game (only on iOS)
  • Watch a game in replay (only on iOS)

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