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The word "Portes" describes the motion of moving two chips to occupy an empty space.

The base is the space that has only two chips, the rest chips are dispersed in various other spaces. Move the chips from the base to the collecting area, which is located opposite to the base area

While you move your chips, you may hit your opponent's single chip. When this happens, the chip is removed from the board (it appears at the center of it). In order to enter the board, you need to roll the dice and position that chip in an empty (or friendly occupied) space in the base area.

If you have chips outside the board, you can not move the other chips. Since your opponent's collecting area, is your base area, be cautious to not leave single chips


This is how the chips are laid out on the board. The quarter that has two chips is the base area. The blue chips move counter-clockwise, and the red chips move clockwise.

The red player has hit one chip (a blue chip is at the center of the board). The blue player rolls the dice and he/she brings 3-2. Luckily, the second space in the base area is emptied.

Once you touch on that chip, a green dot appears on the board. Touch on the space that lies in front of the green dot to move the chip to that space.

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