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Version 3.2


  • Compatible with iOS 7
  • By default, all games are free of charge, but with ads. If you wish to purchase any of the extra games (i.e., the Plakoto (or blockgammon) and the Fevga (or narde) game), you need to go to the Settings screen, and disable the extra games feature.
  • Upon request: Add a search engine in the online statistics.
  • Upon request: Display your Points for the online game.
  • The online players can see the avatar of the other player
  • Reported bugs are fixed

Version 3.1


  • New UI
  • All games are free of charge, but with ads. This means that the trial period is no longer valid, and that you can play the extra two games for free, but with ads. The Portes is free and without ads. You can remove the ads by either using the virtual coins or purchasing the games
  • You have an avatar, which you can change in the settings
  • You can connect to your Facebook account to retrieve your avatar and your name
  • You roll the dice by tapping on your avatar
  • Finally, you can resign an online game. By doing that, you select if you wish to play a new game or quit one.
  • Note: Due to significant changes in the code for the iOS version, if online players have not upgraded to version 3.0 before 3.1 is out, they will lose their online statistics!!

Version 3.0


  • New UI
  • Use of virtual coins to rent the extra games, remove ads or bet during an online game
  • Improved A.I. for the fevga game

Version 2.7

Version 2.6

New features

Version 2.4

Watch a tutorial with instructions on how you can undo your move and control the chips' final position by tapping on the screen.

Online Game - Chat

Online Game v2.0

The following videos present instructions for configuring the application to play online games, starting a game

In a nutshell:
In version 2.0 you can

  • Select the game(s) that you wish to play
  • Select to play online game over a 3G network
  • Choose your opponent from a list of players
  • Choose the game that you wish to play with your opponent
  • Start an online game, even when you are playing another game with the A.I. or another human
    • Part 1: Configure the application

      Part 1: Play a game

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